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The plan is to transform the centuries old Brewhouse into an incubator hub and build incredible new spaces that will house and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs.


Planning consultation


The vibrancy of Central Quay will inspire new thinking.

At over 2.5 million square feet Central Quay will be one of the largest private real estate developments in the UK and will open the flood gates to new models of city centre living, commerce, creativity and entrepreneurship.


your business success.

The Ledger building will inspire productivity in the people who work there. Not only does it offer employees an unique office environment it is set in location that will have a vibrancy like no other.


Every city dweller needs a place to relax and unwind.

The aim is to create a collaborative, dynamic work space that will be attractive to individuals and businesses dedicated to high tech, creative and professional services and will offer a location where both new and established businesses can network, grow and succeed.

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